Little Ninjas

(Ages 4-6)

Our Little Ninja program is designed specially to help in the personal development of students between the ages of 4 to 6 years old. Studies have shown that the core of a child’s personality starts to develop at this time. What better traits to develop than honesty, integrity, self discipline, respect, focus and concentration. At the same time students will be learning in a fun and exciting environment to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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Karate America Greenville Little Ninjas

Junior Basic

(Ages 7-13)

Just like the name sounds, this class is for the basic karate student between the ages of 7 and 13. In this high energy class we will be honing their life skills as well as their physical skills. Students will learn the importance of:

  • Confidence, standing up to life’s challenges
  • Respect, for others as well as for themselves
  • Focus, doing our best on the task at hand
  • Self Discipline, doing what we are supposed to do - even when we don’t feel like it
  • Black Belt Attitude, acting like a winner in good times and bad

In addition all basic students learn the importance of Safety Awareness/Street Smarts and our personalized Karate Kids Fitness. This helps arm our children to stand up to the two biggest threats to them today - stranger abductions and the growing problem of childhood obesity. We are making our community stronger, one child at a time!

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Karate America Greenville Junior Basic

Black Belt Team

Karate America’s Black Belt Team program is for students whose goal is the coveted rank of Black Belt. All Students who desire become part of this elite team of students must qualify in 5 areas:

  • Attendance, being dedicated to achieve your goals
  • Spirit, a combination of effort and enthusiasm
  • Basic Knowledge, watching your physical skills grow
  • Fitness, taking care of the one body we have
  • School Protocol, becoming a leader for life

Once a student becomes a Black Belt Team member, they will begin the journey of becoming a Black Belt. They will receive their advanced training in fun, exciting, and highly structured classes. As their physical skills grow they will develop on the inside as well. Their personality will take on such leadership traits as courage, commitment, and responsibility. All of these students are on a quest to be their best!

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Karate America Greenville Black Belt Team

Masters Team

Karate America’s Masters Team program is for the student who has attained the rank of Black Belt. These students understand the concept of CANI, constant and never-ending improvement. They continue to sharpen themselves physically as well as personally. All of the students in this program are dedicated to the goal of becoming a 2nd degree Black Belt or higher. Most importantly they are developing the skills to be successful in not only in martial arts but in life.

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Karate America Greenville Masters Team

Leadership Program

Is your child a leader or a follower? Does your child choose their own friends or do their friends choose them? Karate America’s Leadership Program addresses these concerns by teaching leadership skills that kids love. By using interactive drills we teach kids and teens how to:

  • Stand up to peer pressure
  • Be confident in social situations
  • Learn to be proactive or be a "Go Getter"
  • Problem solve
  • Set short and long term goals and how to achieve them
  • Become leaders for life

Our leadership classes will not only help your child for situations in the present but for a life time. Classes include topics such as: Communication, Honesty, Character, Initiative, Commitment, Integrity, Courage, and Attitude.

At Karate America the Leader Line Forms Here!

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Cutting edge Martial Arts in modern drills, kicks, acrobatics, extreme forms and Pro Athlete Mindset.

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Karate America Greenville HYPER Program

Knock-Out Self Defense Training

Designed for students 16 and older to empower them with the tools and skills to enhance their awareness and increase personal safety skills, establish boundaries, and protect themselves against possible harmful situations.

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Mielke Family

"Our son Cody was 4 years old the first time he met Mr. Fargen. He hid behind me and would not even say hello. When we went to the first class he cried and would not go out on the floor. Mr. Fargen suggested for us to sit and watch the class. We went back the next day to sit and watch another class. Half way through the class Mr. Fargen came over and asked him if he wanted to join the class. He is 9 now and is a very self confident, polite and well-disciplined child. We always get compliments on his attitude and behavior from his school teachers. We will never regret getting him involved in Karate America. We have a great child and Mr. Fargen has been a great influence on him. He wants to go to college and become a teacher like Mr. Fargen."

Two very proud parents of a Karate America Greenville Black Belt

Tracey and Dan Mielke