Welcome to Karate America Greenville

Part of the Greenville community for over 20 years

Summer Camp

Our summer camp is a great time for everyone, especially kids who love exciting sports activities, field trips, science experiments and much more!
Spots fill quickly, so don’t hesitate to book your spot.

Youth Martial Arts

Martial arts are proven to develop and establish strong values, especially in youth. Our classes are all inclusive, and focus on developing: confidence, focus, self-discipline, self-defense, leadership, and respect. Sign up for a class today, and watch the positive traits develop right in front of your eyes.

Adult Martial Arts

Our martial arts classes aren’t just for the kiddos! Get in the best shape of your life, learn to defend yourself, and find stress relief with our classes!

A+ After School Program

Are you ready for your child’s SUCCESS to improve in many areas if “YES!” we provide a safe, educational alternative for your child after school.  Your child will increased confidence, focus, and positive behavior! Watch child’s grades in school improve, as well as your child’s physical fitness and health!

Our awesome A+ After School Program includes all of these exciting activities at no extra cost!
(Does your current program offer all of the activities listed below?)

Our Mission

As a ‘rock solid’ family based business, we are dedicated to serving our community with strong core values, excellence in customer service along with highly trained instructors. We are committed to leaving all of our members with a positive lasting impression of a quality Martial Arts program.

Dedication to Excellence

Over the past two decades, Karate America, the largest martial arts academy system in the State of Wisconsin, has made the commitment to make a difference in our students’ lives. Our instructors are personally selected, not only for their martial arts skill, but also for their ability to effectively communicate their knowledge and understanding to students of all ages. As a result of attending many seminars, world conferences and tournaments across the nation, it is no surprise that Karate America instructors are ranked among the finest in the world!

Karate America realizes that each student possesses different physical abilities. Size, flexibility, coordination, and strength vary with each individual, so once you have acquired a strong foundation in the basics, our program will enhance your personal physical capabilities and maximize your self defense skills.

Student Creed


I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that would reduce my mental growth or my physical health.

I will develop self discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others.
I will use common sense before self defense and never be abusive or offensive.
We are a black belt leadership school!
We are dedicated! We are motivated!
We are on a quest to be our best!
Winners never quit, quitters never win, and I choose to be a winner!

Principles of a Black Belt

As a dedicated student of the martial arts, I will live by the principals of the black belt:


My goal is black belt excellence.
I will lead by example.

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Hear from our amazing students…